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Obviously, Ad revenue is the ways to make money in YouTube. But it’s not only way. To be honest, ad revenue is the best way. As well as you can also earn money using different methods.

YouTube is the popular video streaming platform in this world. Nearly 2 Billion people log-into YouTube everymonth. And more thing to know is 500 hours of video will be uploaded for every 1 minute.

You already know that this article is going to be about how to earn money from You-Tube and Buy an I phone 11 Max Pro with your ad revenue within a month from You-Tube.

How to Earn from YouTube:

Become a YouTube Partner:

The YouTube Partner Program, is common for every YouTuber to access the special features.

You can become YouTube Partner and you can access to multiple income streams: not just only for ads, but also for premium membership fee, and some features that you’re fans will pay to you directly to your wallet like SuperChat, Channel Membership, and Promotions.

Step 1: Start a Channel:

If you already create a channel and runnin it. You can read from the below step. If you not started your channel and planning to start a YouTube Channel. Don’t worry. We already created a guide on “How To Create a YouTube Channel”.

Step2. Make your channel ready to meet the requirment of Youtube Partner Program:

To join in YouTube Partner Program you need to complete minimum of “1000 Subscribers & 4000 hours watchtime” in the previous 12 Months(1Year).

Here are some ideas to get views. “How to get most of views for your video’s”. I explained each and everything about how to get most of the views for your videos in your YouTube channel.

Step3. Setup an Adsense Account:

You need to setup an Adsense Account to Monitize your Youtube Channel and then start earning.

To setup an Adsense account with few simple steps. If you don’t know about how to setup an adsense account. Don’t worry. Here is something special article about ” How we can setup an Adsense Account”. I explained each and every step clearly.

Step4. New Monitization Feature’s:

To Monitize your channel with different features? Each Monitization Channel have different eligibility criteria/requirements as below.

1.Ad Revenue: To earn ad revenue, You must be atleast 18 Years old and you must create Advertiser friendly topic video’s to earn more.

Basically, Ads which are played on video’s are just relevant to the topic of that video. So make sure your self to start making video relevant to advertisers. By following this method you can easily run more number of video’s and earn huge amount from ad revenue.

2.YouTube Premium Revenue: If a YouTube Premium Member watches your video. Then you’ll get a small portion from the amount of YouTube Subscription.( This is an automatic process and nice to earn)

3.Channel Membership: This is the platform to sell you’re channel membership to you’re visitors/subscribers( Your fans to pay you extra money.), To get eligible for this, You need to have atleast 18 Years and 30,000 Subscribers.

4.Merchandise shelf: This the platform where you can cell Merch from YouTube Merchandise Shelf. For this You need to have atleast 18Years and 10,000 Subscribers.

5.Super Chat Payments: This is the platform where your subscribers or fans can gift you some amount directly in Live Chat during Live Streaming. For this You need to have atleast 18Years. This feature is not offered in every country. You can only get this option in feature Offered country.

Step5. Submit Your Channel for review.

As a YouTube Partner, Your channel will be reviewed by the standard worker who are working in that company. To complete a successful on your channel. You need follow some Guidelines and be far to the copyrighted content.

Affiliate Marketing:

As a affiliate, There is no eligibility requirements. You’re taking advertisements into your own hands. This a great option for YouTubers who are making video on Technology, Gadget Reviews, Offer Products, How-To, and recommending new products to your viewers.

If you don’t about Earning money from Affiliate Marketing. The we have special article for you to guide. “How to make money from Affiliate Marketing”. Don’t worry. We’ll help you in earning money from Affiliate Marketing.

Join in Affiliate Marketing Programs to start earning extra money. There are Various Affiliate Marketing Brand for you to earn money.

Just start your Affiliate Networks through the sites like Clickbank, Amazon Affiliate Program’s, and just follow the signup instructions. You have to keep on thing in your mind that, each and every program has it’s own percentage levels. So they pay different commissions for different sale’s. To get amount from Affiliate Networks, First of all You need to become popular in Youtube.

Even Travel Vloggers also can join in affiliate network like “Travel Affiliate Program“(There are many affiliate network programs) This will allows you to make money on flight tickets, hotels, tours and other travel services. The Affiliate commission/percentage is based on the service you choose and sale.

Brand Promotion:

You can start promoting brands and get amount directly from the Brand.

Step1. Find a Brand or Partner to Promote:

To start a Brand Promotion you have to be Popular in YouTube. If you’re popular in YouTube automatically some brands will come to you for Brand Promotion. So you can easily make money from Brand Promotions.

Or else you can also find some brands and you can promote their brands in your YouTube Channel. To be honest You should promote only quality brands then only your viewers will trust you.

Step2. Make a Deal:

Start deal with them. and Promote their products in YouTube, Instagram. The most popular and top brands always try to collaborate with influencers. Basically YouTube is big work to promote to a brand. So You can also start a Instagram or Facebook to earn money. Because the person who is belongs to particular brand will thinks that Promoting their Brand is more expensive than promoting same brand in Instagram and Facebook stories.

Step3. Be Transparent about the Brand Product:

Transparency is the most important think for the promoter. Because there some number of audience who are trusting you and watching your video’s. After Watching this Brand Promotion video may be some viewers will come front to buy that product. If you say positively about some product which is worst. Then your viewers will buy and then they will came to know that that is worst. Then your audience will leave you. and they won’t reach your channel again.

So be transparent toward your Audience.

Get fans to pay you direclty:

You have many strategies to make money on YouTube including few different income streams. But to get income through all income streams there is one and only common point. You have to make your content easy for your fans to appreciate you with their credit cards.

Step1. Do Live Chats where your fans can use super chats:

In 2017, YouTube replaced fan funding feature with super chat. This is the feature available in YouTube Partner Program while Live streaming.

Essentially, Your viewers will comment on a Live Streaming. To highlight their comment. They will some amount to highlight. That comment will be highlighted for few seconds or less than a minute on that video.

Step2. Encourage your fans to become Channel Membership:

YouTube offers an ability to pay your viewers to you, To becoming member of your channel. In exchange they’ll get some custom emoji’s, badge’s and access to members only for Live Chat with you.


Decide yourself to Monitize your channel and generate income in different ways using super chat, brand promotions, channel membership, Affiliate marketing and etc.

All Tech Tweet always there for you to give correct path.

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