How to earn money from Blog

Hey folks, We all know about What is Blog? Right. So everyone knows that Blog is the best platform for everyone to earn hundreds of dollar just by sitting in home. Everyone is very interested to earn money online. That’s why today I’m going to tell you about “How to earn money from Blog“. There are some thousands of Blogger’s in this world. Who are earning nearly Millions of Dollars every month. Everyone is earning using different different methods.

There no restriction in Blogging. Everyone can start Blogging and everyone can start earning money from Blogging. To earn income from blogs you should have knowledge in that. If you don’t have knowledge about How to earn money from blog. Don’t worry, we are here to teach you about how to earn. By following this article, You can also learn all the terms. So read the article from beginning to ending carefully to start your income from Blog’s.

How to earn money from Blog

How to create an Blog or Website.

How to create an Blog or Website.

I hope, You know how to create an Blog or Website. If you don’t know how to create a Website or Blog. We already posted an article about “How to create a Blog. I explained everything very clearly in that article.

I hope you created your blog or website successfully. After completion of creating Blog. You will plan yourself to generate some money using your blog just by sitting in home itself. But you don’t know how to generate money through blogs. I’ll explain few things which I tried before and I’ll reveal some methods which are genuine.

Ways to earn money through Blogs or Websites

There are many ways to earn money though Blogs or Website. I’ll show explain you everything below. So continue reading till end.

earn money from blog using adsense

Most of Bloggers in this world use Advertisements to make money through their blogs or websites. Just for example. We’ll type something in Google, we’ll get few results in Google. We’ll select from them to read the article. In that blog or websites we’ll see some ads.Through those website only, Blogger will generate money very easily.

Blogger are earning money using these ads only. There are many advertisement network companies which are providing ads to run in bloggers blogs or website. By placing those ads these bloggers are earning profits and those income will generate when people come’s to our blog. We’ll generate based on two types. They are by Impression and Clicks. If in impressions, They pay some amount for 1000 people. If in clicks, They pay some amount for every click.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is also belongs to Google. This is very popular Advertisement network in this world. You will earn money by placing Google Ads in your Blogs or Websites.

They are

The Minimum payout of Google Adsense is 100$, We can transfer this money using Wire Transfer or Western Union. is also an Advertisement Network, which is belongs to Yahoo and Bing. They provide very Quality Ads.. This also placed second popular advertisement network in the world. It is as same as Google Adsense.

They are offering conceptual ads based on

CPA (Cost Per Action): When the visitor click on that ad and gives their contact details to them.

CPM (Cost Per Milestone): When your blog or website gets 1000 visitors.

CPC (Cost Per Click): When your visitor click on an Ad in your blog.

The minimum payout is 100$, We can get those money through Paypal, WebMoney.

Propeller ads

Propeller Ads is instant approval with fast payment methods. Those blogger who are new and planned their blogs based on Mobiles, Games, Movies etc will have chance to earn money. Propeller Ads are offering ads based on CPA, CPM, CPC. So it’s very best networks for newbies in Blogging.

The minimum payout of Propeller ads are 100$ Payoneer and Payzaa. 550$ for Wire Transfer.


Infolinks is also an Advertisement network which will provides ads in the form of Text ads, Banner ads. The minimum payout of Infolinks is 50$ though Payoneer, Wiretransfer.

There many other advertisement networks. But they pay very little. So I recommend the above ad networks to earn money through Advertisement Networks.

Selling Digital Products (E-Books & Online Courses)

how to earn by Selling digital products

Many of the bloggers are selling their eBooks and online courses to earn some money. There are many Blogger’s who are having Good knowledge in something. So If you also had some knowledge in something. Then write an eBooks and sell them or Create some videos like online courses and can sell those courses to your visitors. The people who are interested in buying those products will buy and you will earn some income.

Affiliate Marketing

how to earn from affiliate marketing

Many of us think that, How to earn money from Blog. Some people know what is Affiliate Marketing. Many Youtubers and Bloggers do this affiliate marketing to earn money through their Blogs or Videos. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn money using Blogs. If you don’t know about Affiliate Marketing. I’ll explain you very clear and simply.

Affiliate Marketing is a method, where we will promote someone’s company or people’s product and earn some commission. I will tell you an example. ” I’m an Tech Blogger. Who is review all type of Electronic Gadgets and everything. One day I review Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile in my blog and I gave my affiliated link below in that article”. My visitors visited my Blog to read the review of that Samsung Galaxy A50. If they liked my review and planned to buy the same mobile. Visitors will click on link below in my article which is of Samsung Galaxy A50’s and will buy that movile using my link. Then, Samsung Company will pays some commission because I promoted their product for my commission. I hope everyone understood my example.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This is the world most popular and the largest affiliate market in this world that helping content creators, publishers and bloggers. Amazon providing Affiliate Marketing to sell their products very easily with help of bloggers by paying some commission to them.

To Start your Amazon Affiliate, You have to create an account in Amazon Affiliate Account. When you are reviewing some products, You have to choose that product affiliate link and place it at your blog or website. Automatically some random visitors will buy that product using your link and then You’ll get some commission directly from that company. Now a days, Many popular YouTubers and Bloggers are earning money using this simple steps.

There are many other affiliate marketing methods based on gadgets and products, which have same algorithm with different commissions. The below are some E-commerce Affiliate Marketings.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Ebay

Hosting Affiliate Marketing

There are many Hosting Providing Companies who are providing Affiliate Marketing for Blogger or Website publishers. The below companies providing Affiliate Marketing.

  • SiteGround
  • A2Hosting
  • Godaddy
  • HostGator
  • BigRock
  • Hostinger etc

SEO Tools Affiliate Marketing

There are some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tools, which makes our website to rank 1st page in Google. So You can promote that product and earn some commission. ex: SemRush.

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How to earn from Sponsor content

If you have some digit number of visitor for your blog daily. Definitely, some social media influences or page admins will contact you to promote their profile or page to get followers/readers to follow their page. So You have charge some amount to post their posts or articles in your blog.

Quest Blog Posting

how to earn from quest posting

As we said in social media post. The similar pattern is Quest Blog Posting. Many Co-Bloggers or Brands will contact you to promote their brand products or their blogs. So you can charge some amount to post their blog posts in your Blogs. By doing this, You’ll get some amount.


I hope everyone enjoyed by reading this article, I think this article will definitely helpful for you. The people who are planning to start making money through blogs will definitely follow my tips to get sucess. So There is no doubt about How to earn money from blog.

The most important thing. That I want to share with you is, Don’t try all the above methods at one time. Please try one by one. If you try those methods at a time. You’ll not earn 1 rupee also.

I hope you understood clearly. If you not understand anything, read the article “How to earn money from Blog” from top clearly then only you can understand what I explained about.

If this article is usefull. Please share. Thank You.

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