How to earn money from online

How to earn money from online? I hope you people read many articles and saw many videos in youtube about this. After seeing those things, Then also you won’t even earned anything from Online. Most of those videos and articles are related to scam only. But out of them, there are few genuine ways. In this article I’m going to share you about the genuine ways.

In this article I’ll explain how to earn money from online without investing anything, how to start a business by investing very least amount. So to help you to do something only, I started writing this article. Please do not skip this article. read this article completely.

The process or the methods which I’m going to tell you, will not make you rich in overnight. Because these are Genuine ways. So without wasting time, start our topic.

So friends, If you really wants to earn money by online using methods? Then you need to have patience and dedications towards the work you are doing.

If you want to earn money, then you need to have Computer/Laptop with good Internet connection.

Earn Money Online

how to earn money from online


how to earn money from online

To do work as freelancer, earn money by online. You have to maintain some skills or If you don’t have skills. First learn them and start doing work. In below I’ll give some freelancer works.

Photo Editing

If you are very good in Photoshop photo editing, then you can post your ads to get projects which are based on photo editing, manipulations, etc.

Video Editing

Video editing is the best skill, because there are many events which are going now in every where in the world. So just by posting some ads, you get projects based on video editings. You need to have skills in Video editors like Premier Pro, After Effect and etc.

Content Developer

If you are good in some language, good in grammar. Have confidence on yourself to write something correctly and genuinely. Then you can do job as Content Developing freelancer.

Web Development

Web Development is not so easy, but easy for people who are interested in learning, If you want to become an Web Developer. You have to be skilled in languages like HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS(Cascarding Style Sheet) and JS(Java Scripting).

If you want to develop Data Based related website. Then you have to learn SQL(Structure Query Language), Oracle and etc.

There are many people who are very excited and more interested to develop their website in WordPress. You have to learn to develop wordpress themes and plugins to develop websites based on WordPress.

Andriod or IOS App Development

Android and IOS’s are the present mobile operating systems in all over the world. So everyone wants to develop apps based on android and ios operating systems. There are few languages which are very useful for us to develop an app.Before that you have to know few things. You need to have skills in Analytic Skills, Communication, Creativity, Problem solving and Programming languages.

I’ll give you some freelancer websites

  • freelancer
  • upworks
  • fiver
  • truelancer


If you want to start Blogging, then you have to start with the topics which you are very interest. If you are very confident to start Blogging. Then you have to maintain patience, hard work and writing skills. If you maintain those things, I’m sure you’ll get success. You are new to blogging right? So it will take nearly 8 months to 1 year to drive organic traffic into your website. Many of the people start Blogging, write’s 1 or 2 articles and starts bothering for traffic and will leave that in middle only. But If you write the articles regularly, then we get organic traffic within 1 Year only. Then you can start earning money nearly some thousand or lacs by connecting your blogs with Advertisement networks like Adsense,, Affiliate Marketing and you can also put sponsored content in your blog to earn money online.

If you really don’t know how to create blog and how to earn from blogs ?

Making videos in YouTube

There some lakhs of people, who are just earning money by doing videos and posting in YouTube. To make videos and post in YouTube, you need to have minimum knowledge in Video editing and maximum of knowledge in concept to create more and more video’s.

Don’t do and post some random video’s in YouTube. You should only post videos related to your interests, then only you’ll get popular and success in YouTube. You can earn money by Ads or doing Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t know How to earn through YouTube?

Selling Products

You need to invest some amount in this method. So many of the people don’t know about this Selling Products Method. We are buying so many products and other things in Online, but don’t about who is selling those products to us. We’re just going to some apps like Flipkart or Amazon to buy products. We think ourself that Flipkart and Amazon are selling those products. But the main thing is, There a person like us with his bussiness.

When we order from online, these Online Carts will collect product from them and give money to them. Like that you people also apply to become selling in Flip kart, Amazon, E bay, Snap deal etc. To become a member of seller, You need to invest some amount for the products. You can also sell preused products online. If you want to become a seller for any online eCommerce companies. then Go to Google and search, There are many articles and videos.

Business Idea with Low Investment

how to earn money from online

There are many people who plans to start their business with very low investments, and also there are some people who don’t what type of business to start. So I’ll share few ideas in this session.

If you are planning to start your Business in online. Then, risk will be high and profit will be low.

If you want to start your business in offline means in shops. Then risk will be low and profit will be high. So I’ll tell you how start with low risk.

Gift Customization:

In these day, people always wish to give some customized gifts for occasions like Birthday or Marriage. There are no customized stores. So, If you start that kind of business then you’ll get success very easily. For these kind of store. We no need to invest much.

Event Organization:

In your cities or in your villages. There will be some events celebrated whole the year with the name of Birthdays, Marriages, Engagement..etc. So you can plan to build a Event Management Startup to manage their events with your people.

Interior Designing:

Most of the people wants to design their interior very differently. So those kind of people need advice’s from you, If you skilled in that type of works.

Grocery Shop:

Take some shop for rent. Buy grocery items from wholesale with low investment. Then start the business. Add new products or items with the profit from old products which you sold. So do expand your business with the profit. One day your business will become very big and profitable.

Tuition Classes:

In this earth, The education will not end until the earth destroys. If you are educated and have capability to teach student. Then you can teach tuition to School Students. You can teach them for part time. If you want to earn more. Then you need to teach them for full time.

I hope you understand about how to earn money online and by doing small business. If you like this. Please share with friends and family members, Thank You for reading the article and following us.

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