How to make money from Affiliate Marketing

Hey folks, some of people know about Affiliate Marketing and How to make money from Affiliate Marketing. But many of the people don’t know about these terms. So, In this article we are going to know about Affiliate Marketing and Making money from Affiliate Marketing.

We saw many video’s in YouTube, many YouTube r’s are conveying us their earning from Affiliate Marketing. They also showing their transaction proofs which is more than of some lac’s. By seeing those details we also try to do something like them to earn as much as possible for us.

How many of you people thinks that we too earn that much of amount? Everyone things them self that they can’t earn like that. But I’m here to guide you to earn that much of amount just by doing Affiliate Marketing.

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a process where the people will promote product of other people’s or company’s product for earning commission from them. You have to find some product and promote them in the way which you feel comfort. When that product is purchased by customer then the commission will be given to you by the company (or people).

There are many online companies providing affiliate marketing. That may be a product or service ( for example: Shoe’s, Electronic Gadgets, Domains, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization Tools etc..,).

You need to Create an account in those affiliate marketing sites. Select one of the product which you want to promote. They will give an Link, You need to paste that link where ever you are writing the article about that product.

There are different kinds of Payment Methods, They are:

Pay Per Click (PPC): You’ll earn money when your visitors redirected from your website to that affiliated website.

Pay Per Sale (PPS): You’ll earn money when the customer purchases an product using your affiliated link or advertisement.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): You’ll earn money when the visitors reach that website and provide’s their contact information.

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing:

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing

Everyone, know that Affiliate Marketing is an Passive Income Source which mean even you can earn money while you are sleeping. There is heavy competition in this marketing field. It is very hard to achieve. But it’s very easy to earn money using this method.

If you want to get success in this Affiliate Marketing. You need to learn many more things. Which make’s you to earn huge. You have to learn what to do and what doesn’t while promoting something.

If you are questioning yourself that “How can I do Affiliate Marketing?“, Below are some tips and tricks that you can follow to achieve success.

1. Love the work what you are doing:

Everyone has to remember this point. Love the work, what you are doing now. If you don’t love that, I’m pretty sure that you won’t become Successful.

If you’re doing just for money, Then you’re wasting your time and there is no difference between you and the marketing employee of that company who hates that job. That employee hate’s his job but still working with same company and same job because he needs to pay his bills and EMI.

In affiliate marketing it’s very important to Love the work what you’re doing. If you won’t love, You can’t come up with the news ideas as like Marketer’s. Which are very important to get success in Affiliate Marketing.

2. You have to learn:

love to learn

You have to learn like a born baby steps, A born baby will not walk directly. That baby will learn to move on floor. Slowly baby will tries to walk. After some practice that baby will start walking on floor.

Like that We also need to step forward like baby in Affiliate Marketing and has to learn. Finally we’ll get success.

You want Profit of 1000$ in first month? There is no magic or money making applications to earn 1000$ in very first month.

To make 1000$ first you have learn how to earn 1$. Which is very hard at beginning. After getting 1$, You have to plan for 10$, next 100$. You have to start your journey as Zero. Learn with passion. You’ll achieve the goal.

You have to understand the mind set of your customers or visitor, and understand them a lot. then only you can convince them to buy your product.

3. Learn from Other’s:

This is the most important tip & step to get sucess.

Learn from the people who already in this field, who are very experienced. And know about how to write an article, where to present your article by seeing them.

There are infinity number of ways to do. So you have an option to choose someone who is senior and best person to teach you or Join in forums or there are many facebook groups you can Join there. And many other platforms to learn.

In my opinion the best way is to Hire someone to teach you. By doing this only you’ll have better attention towards the subject and you can easily gain the knowledge.

Normally, A mentor can charge approx 500$ – 10000$ for teaching you.

If you’re not in good position to pay that much of money. I have another idea. There are many people around you, who are very interested as like you. So you need to gather them. And convince them to Join with you to learn affiliate marketing. So it will be easier & cost of fee will be low for everyone.

4. Learn about the product, Which you’re promoting:

Remember onething. Don’t promote any product. If you don’t know about that.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of products. Please do research on products before you are going to promote. Learn marketing skills, do research on statistics of the product.

5. Be patience and consistence:

Never Give Up. Failure is the first step to Success.

Instead of giving up, Get back again and raise like a Sun.

Be patience, because there are many affiliate markets which gives opportunities to us. You have to build a website and feed that with good content. Learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and start to rank Position 1 in Google.

Have to learn more and more, Attend affiliate marketing online courses, webinars, seminars, events and etc.

Join in Affiliate Marketing Forums and Communities to interact with other affiliate marketers and join with them to learn much more.

6. Build a Niche:

Build a niche in which you have good knowledge & have skills to promote the product.

One thing you have to remember is Affiliate Marketing is not easy as in past years ago. Now a days it is very hard, with different algorithm but with high profits.

Start a specific niche and do marketing with that niche only. Initially you don’t even get 1$ but after some days, weeks, months you’ll get amount which you never imagine in your life.

7. Build your own Team:

Team is very important. Why because, One person can survive everything. You have to build a team. Form a team of 2-4 members. If you have a team like this then it will be easier for you to work and enjoy your life.

Why I suggest you to build a team is because of, An affiliate marketing has more chance’s to become an Small Business.

Having a team will reduce time, everyone can keep their efforts about Campaigns and also bring more idea’s.

8. Be Active and Confident:

To be honest, Reason behind the success is to be active and confidence about the work which you’re doing.

This is the biggest challenge in your life, which you never faced in your life.

Keep your mind always fresh and active to work confidently. This is the main key role of Success in every work.

If you just do your work daily for 1 or 2 hrs with fresh mind will give a huge success which you can’t imagine in your life.

9. Use different traffic sources:

If you want sell more products, You need more customers to buy. If you need more customers to buy, You need get high amount of traffic to your website. Then only you have chances to sell more products and get more money.

To promote a Product, you need to bring traffic to you website. I have an idea, which will give you more sale. That is Adword is the best platform to promote your product and can sell more products.

10. Attract traffic which you target:

The main role of making money is to make your visitors to click on affiliated links. The main thing is to attract your audience or visitors.

We already know that, there are some advertisement models like paid advertisement, free advertisement, email marketing, content marketing and etc.

What you have to, Many of the websites are monetized with Google Adsense. So start an campaign in Adwords with an Graphic Picture having affiliate link behind the picture. By doing like this You’ll get more number of clicks from other website users. In this way you can get clicks on your Affiliated links and You can earn money.

11. Follow News Techniques and Methods:

Everyone always try to know and search about how to earn money from Affiliate marketing. Because everyone wants to earn money. That’s why, we need to new methods and techniques to beat others statistics.


I hope, You read the above article completely. If you seriously read the above article. I’m very happy and Now you know how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

Now, this is your time to research about the product and start knowing where to promote the products.

I’m sure that, If you follow the above steps. You are near to the success.

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