How to write SEO Friendly Article

Everyone try to learn but can’t get solution for “How to write SEO friendly article”. Congratulations, You’re at right place to learn about writing SEO friendly articles.

Hey folks, I hope everyone is doing great, I know that many people don’t know to write SEO friendly article. That’s why I decided myself to teach you about writing an SEO friendly article. So by learning about writing an Article. You will have some abilities, mean some knowledge to write articles which is SEO friendly. By this method, You can rank your post at first page in Google. without wasting our time, I’ll start this article.

There more number of people, who are mostly interested to start own blogs to earn money from Blogs. But they don’t know how to write seo friendly blogs. There are some content developers or Bloggers, They are writing their article, which are SEO friendly. By writing that kind of Blogs, their websites or blogs are ranking at first page in Google and they are also earning good number of earnings. But few people are not getting ranked,they are not getting earnings due to half, half knowledge. So with that knowledge, You can’t get success.

One more thing, I’m going to tell is, Only content will not help you to rank. If your article is not completely SEO friendly. Please do not get worry about that. I’m here to solve your problems. Just read out this article till end to get complete knowledge.

There are many factors of SEO to rank your post in Google. I’ll explain those factors, which helps you to write and rank in Google. Please follow these factors to rank.

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How to write an SEO Friendly Article

how to write seo friendly article

Keyword Research

Many of you people just write some article’s and post’s them in Blogs. I don’t know why new bloggers are starting their without knowing SEO factors, If you really want rank your articles or blogs in Search Engines. Then do one thing first, Do keyword Research. Just check the Which is the good keyword to get rank, high volume. That keyword should be an Long Keyword. Here long keyword means, which is of 5 or 6 words. and the last but not least is Keyword Difficulty. Keyword Difficulty must be Low. Then only you can rank in Google. Without doing any keyword research, we can’t rank our post in Google.

For doing Keyword research, there are many tools in online. Some of the tools are for free and for paid. Google Keyword Planner is an free tool. Semrush, Ahrefs and many other tools are paid tools. The use of these tools is to find keywords, their search volume and difficulty. This also key factor to Write SEO Friendly article

Post Content

I hope, you are very good in English or your preferred language. You should write your own content, don’t do copy and paste. Write your own content then only it will considered as High Quality content. That must be of 2000 words. You should consider your keyword and write that in articles for 5 to 8 times. The main thing you have to know is, You have to maintain good knowledge about the article which you’re going to write. If you don’t have knowledge. Then go to google or other search engines, Search for some content, read that and rewrite in your own style. Don’t do copy and paste. It will not rank your post.

You have to provide complete information about which you are sharing about. Then only your visitors will get complete information’s and they will smile after reading your article with satisfied heart. Then only, they will love your blogs to read more and more articles.

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Title Of The Content

We know, How title is important for our article. Keywords is also important for our article. You have to know one thing. You should use Keywords in title of the article. Because this is one of the biggest factor in SEO. If you do not place they keyword you’re targeting in the title. Then that articles is not SEO friendly.

Article Heading and Subheadings

In our point of view, Heading and Subheading are used to specify the complete information about the below paragraph. That absolutely correct. But, Placing our targeted keywords in Heading and Subheading (H2,H3). This is the most important SEO factor. It will make our article seo friendly.

You started writing some articles in your blog. In one article there are many paragraphs. For every paragraph, we have to maintain some headings and subheading. Because, Your visitor will understand the paragraph easily just by reading the heading. It will make’s your article SEO friendly.

Image Alt Tag

You’ll upload some images in your article right. You have to compress that image. If you compress that image, Then the size of the image will be reduced and helps your website or blog to load the article and that image very fastly.

Image Alt Tag means, That is an text, which you need to insert with your targeted keyword. Because, Google images are not come with targeted keywords. We have to give some keyword in image alt text. Then only that image will appear in Google search engine.

You must give targeted keyword or title in image alt tag. One of the most seo factor is When you insert some images in article, then you need to insert some information related to that article.

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Meta Description

You have to write complete article’s information in one or two lines, which make visitors to get attract. You have to include targeted keywords in Meta Description. This is one of the major factor in SEO.

Why I told you to write those information is, When someone searches for information which is also in your blog. Then your article will also placed in that result. In result, there will be a title along with some text which we call Meta Description. So try to write attractive meta description.

You have to remember one thing. The sentences which you wrote in meta description should be placed in your article. Because visitors will visit your website just by reading that Meta Description.

Post URL or Blog URL

Your title must be your Post URL, Your URL must be short, It mean it should be short tail keywords. You have to build an URL which is very impressive, attractive and easy to read. Then only the visitors will click on the URL.

URL is one of the SEO factor. It also plays the major key role.

Internal Linking or Links

What is Internal Linking? If you’re writing article, In that article if you inserted your another article’s link. Then it said to be an Internal Linking. Internal linking is also SEO factor. Remember one thing, You need to insert other articles of your blog in every article. Because it will reduce bounce rate and increases page views of your blog or website.

External Linking or Outbound Links

What is External Linking? We already know that, If we insert another article link of our blog in another article of the same blog. Then we call it Internal Linking. If we insert an link of another website in our article, Then we call it as External Linking. It is the major SEO factor.

The most important thing is, We need to Link High Authority website links in our blog or blog articles. For example, Quora, Linkedin, Google etc.

If your link any low authority websites, It will put you in troubles because the low authority site consists of low quality content and we determines that as spammed content. With those links our websites will get effect. So we need to insert quality links in our article’s.


I hope, everyone understood “How to write SEO friendly article”. I already explained every point clear above which also helps you to get ranked in Google and can gain Organic Traffic. So, I think you understand everything about seo friendly articles. If you really Loved our article. Please show your love just by sharing this article with your friends to help them to learn a lot from us. Thanks for reaching us. Visit Again All Tech Tweet

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