What is Domain? How to select Domain

Many of you are searching for, What is Domain? Right. Many of get results in Google and YouTube. Even now you came here just by searching What is Domain. In this article, we are going to know about What is domain and how to select domain.

What is domain
What is domain? alltechtweet.com

What Is Domain

What is Domain? Many of us are already searching for some information which we required from Internet. The address of the Blog or Website, Which is providing the information is called Domain.

Some Domain examples are: Google(Google.com),All Tech Tweet(Alltechtweet.com), 24 News Daily(24newsdaily.com).


We saw our webpage address. There are many different parts in one address like Protocol, Prefix or Subdomain, Domain and Extension(TLD).

Http or Https: Here, http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

www: www stands for World Wide Web. we called it as prefix or subdomain for the main domain.

alltechtweet: This is the name of the website, which we consider as Domain.

.Com: This is an extension. There are many extension(TLD) like .com, .us, .in, .ca.

The Blog Address is very important to start a Blog or Website. So we’ll see how to take a domain? As well as what are the things we need to proceed or to take before buying domain? And How many types of domains are there to use? For all type of these queries, I’ll answer in this article itself.

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How to Select Domain

Every blogger’s wish is to present their Website or Blog in the Google first page. To get your website or blog in the Google first page, Google has to recognize your domain. Your website name should be like a Brand. You have to include your brand name in Domain. So your blog or website will be in Google first page. If you include your brand name in domain then you blog priority will be increased in Google Search Engine. By doing like this, You website or blog will get uniqueness.

When I was searching for some information about gadgets in Google. I observed so many times that, We get some information in Google result, which is not related to that Blog niche. Many of the bloggers will select One niche and write another blogs in that niche. Which is very bad. There are more than 30% of Website or Blogs in Google.

It is very better to maintain a website or a blog with one niche or topic. Don’t include other niche keywords in your Blog. If you maintain an News website. Then it will be completely different, because an news website can contain all type of topics. So news website will not come under specific topic or niche.

Don’t include symbols in Domain

Domain name should be unique. Don’t insert any symbols in domain. You shouldn’t include numbers. Don’t include hyphen (-) in between words of the domain name (all-techtweet). Don’t do like this.

If your blog name is All Tech Tweet then your address should be alltechtweet.com. That mean your domain name should be contain continuous words without any special symbols like Hyphen.

Name should not contain number. For example: 24NewsDaily.com, Tarun2022.com. Many people keeps their domains like this. Please try not to do like this. This will show effect on Ranking your blog in Google or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc.

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How to select Extension(TLD)

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. I think you already heard about Extension. Extensions are(.in, .com, .net, .us, .ca, .uk). These are called extensions. What are the best extension we need to take for our blog?

.com is an top domain. This is the one of the extension which is preferred by many bloggers. It also helps us to rank in all over the world. If you started an Blog by targeting only Indian people then go for .in, If you targeting United States people then you need to go for .us.

.org is an Organization extension. .tech is an Technology extension. .edu is an Educational extension, .gov is an Government extension. There are many extension which specifies the niche. So, we can take extensions based on our niche. I tell you people to prefer .com, If that .com extension is already took by someone, Then prefer .in extension.If the extensions are not available with you blog name, then I suggest you to change the name of your Blog.

If there is no .com , .in extensions. Then please don’t prefer extensions like .xyz, .online or any other extension, Without thinking anything just change the name of your blog.

How much Domain Length Should be

We know that, there are some hundreds and thousand millions of blogs in Internet. Out of them, Internet users can only remember few domains or blogs. So how can we make them to remember our blogs?

Domainname should be short, Because users can easily remember short names. Your name should be between 12-15 Characters. or less than that.

For example: alltechtweet.com, tommiclub.com, telugublogging.com these are some are having length less than 14 characters.

Mistakes I did in Blogging

4 Years back, I buyed a domain called Tommiclub.com. I don’t know why I buyed that without any knowledge. I buyed and wrote some content in that blog. But I didn’t worked correctly on that. I kept that a side for more than 1 1/2 Year. I wasted that mydomain and my time.

So I’m telling you not to do like me.

How to check whether the Domain is Available or Not

Many people will get many name idea’s. So they want to search for those domains is available or not. I’ll refer one website. Which makes you easier to know about the address or name is available or not. instantdomainsearch.com is one of the best website. Helps you to know the availability.

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How to Buy a Domain

Many of the people don’t know, That which company is the best one to buy domains. From my knowledge and my experience. I prefer Godaddy, NameCheap are the best companies. They also provide security, coupons (which helps us to get for low cost), Customer care service, Hosting from low range to high range.


I hope you understand about What is domain?, How to select, select extension, length, check the availability, where to buy ?

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