What is Hosting? How to choose the best

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What Is Hosting

What is Hosting?

What is Hosting, What is the need of Web Hostings, Types of Web Hostings, Where to buy these Web Hostings, What the best and high rated companies to sell Web Hostings? We will discuss many topics regarding to Hostings in this article.

We already know about File Managers in Mobile and Computer right. The purpose of File Manager is to store data. The owner of the mobile or computer can only access the files or data from the file manager right. If you people store your data in your mobile or computer. At the same time you want to provide that data for other users in internet. But, How can some internet user can access your data which is stored in your mobile or computer’s file manager?

Many of the Web Developer or Application Developer and other skilled persons will know about Xampp. Which is used in computers to act as an server to represent the data. This will only represent data to the user of the computer. Then what about the Internet users.

That’s why many big companies are providing storage to store the data. That is one of the platform which you have to buy some storage to provide your data to the internet users.

Here, Web Host means the storage which you are buying from those companies.

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Types Of Hosting

What is hosting and types of hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

The above are the types of hostings.

Shared Hosting

If you are new to Blogging. Then you can prefer Shared Host. It is enough for beginners. It is available for low price and used for entry level websites. Sharing hostings means there will be only one server with multiple website.

I’ll tell you small example, Your are an bachelor living in an rented room with your friends. You have your own bed, your friends also have their own bed. But the thing is you people were living in some others house sharing rent. As like that, You also one friend among all the other website in Server.

I hope you understand. So you have only some specific storage in your server. You can’t occupy entire server storage. This is not best option because, When the other website of your server getting high traffic. Then your website speed will get reduced. This is common for every Shared Hostings of all companies. Here the thing is cost of hostings is very low. It will not delivery High Quality to your users. This web hostings can only handle 10,000 to 15,000 traffic.

There are three types of Plans in Shared Hosting

  • Single Web Hostings (Single Domain)
  • Multi Web Hostings (Multiple Domains)
  • Business Web Hostings (Multiple Domain with add on features)

Difference between the above three Hostings

  • Single Web Hostings you can only able to host single website.
  • Multi Web Hostings you can able to host more than one website it mean you can host multiple websites.
  • Business Web Hostings is also as Multi Web Hostings, but the difference is it is having some add on features compared to Multi Web Hostings.

Shared Web Hosting Pro’s

  • Very Low Cost.
  • Easy to use & Easy to Setup.
  • Best option of Beginners and Small websites.

Shared Web Hosting Con’s

  • You have share server with other websites.
  • Performance issues are raised based on neighbor website traffic.
  • Uptime rating is very low & performance is not much good.

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VPS Hosting

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”, VPS is the before level of Shared Hostings. When you are having more traffic in shared hostings, then you need to upgrade to VPS hostings. With VPS (Virtual Private Servers) also you are still sharing your website with other websites. You didn’t understand. In VPS, One server will be divided in Multiple Virtual Servers. So now also you all are maintaining your websites in one server.Only the Virtual Server is operated by you.

VPS Hostings is also similar to Shared Hostings. It is used for Small and medium size business websites to run. It will get slower when other site will get high traffic. There is storage limit in VPS hostings.

VPS Web Hosting Pro’s

  • Dedicated Virtual Server will be given.
  • You can customize or maintain your server.
  • Cost is less compared to Dedicated Hostings.
  • Uptime rate is Good in VPS.

VPS Web Hosting Con’s

  • Sharing the main servers with other websites like Virtual Servers.
  • Limitation in Traffic and Storage.
  • It is not easy to setup as compared to Shared.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hostings is the most latest Web Hostings. It is the next Level of VPS. It can handle nearly 50,000 traffic. This is the best choice for medium and high large business websites.

Cloud Hosting Pro’s

  • High Security & Performance.
  • You can extend you storage based on your need.
  • Up time rate is Great and Low time in rare case.

Cloud Hosting Con’s

  • Price is not static. It will change frequently.
  • If traffic is increased then cost will also increases.
  • Limited number of Customization options to customize.

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is the best hostings category in Hostings. It will give separate server for you to host. Only you have place to use the storage. It will not shared with anyone. This is very costly than other web hostings. If you go for this dedicated server, then you no need to worry about up time, speed and performance. It can handle 1,00,000 traffic. This server can cost nearly 1800 to 2000 dollars per month.

Dedicated Server Pro’s

  • You can control everything in server.
  • Highly Secure.
  • Fast Load Time.
  • High Up Time
  • Great Performance

Dedicated Server Con’s

  • Very Expensive Server.
  • Technical knowledge is required.
  • You’re responsible for your issues in server.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the different hostings. Where you can only host WordPress websites. This is only optimized for WordPress. This will come with One Click Installation Process. WordPress is introduced to provide security for the websites which are running with WordPress.

There are two types of WordPress Hostings. They are:

  • Shared WordPress Hostings
  • Managed WordPress Hostings

Shared WordPress Hostings is same as an normal shared hosting with pre-installed setup.

Managed WordPress Hosting is come with high power, security, fast loading speed, high performance.

WordPress Hosting Pro’s

  • Optimization only for the WordPress.
  • One Click WordPress Installation.
  • You can secure your site, because it comes with more security.

WordPress Hosting Con’s

  • Very less control ability.
  • Can’t share your resources with other websites.
  • Updating not simple.

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Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is not useful for everyone. It is not best for you, if your are new to blogging. Reseller Hosting is useful for Web Developers, Agencies only. If you want to start an Hosting Business. Then buy this hosting. If you have enough number of clients, who can buy hosting from you. Then this is best platform for your and your business to sell the hostings and earn money for life time.

Reseller Hosting Pro’s

You have to improve your servers to your clients to attract them.

You have to promote your business to get new customers.

Reseller Hosting Con’s

  • You have to make more number of customers, then only you have results for your time and efforts.
  • If any error raises in server, then there will be misunderstanding between you and your client. It may leads you to loss your client.

How to decide which is best hosting?

  • Based on Cost.
  • Up Time Speed
  • Easy to access, manage and customize.
  • Hosting company customer care services
  • Performance.

Price Of Hosting

Cost is one the most important thing to buy something. Because there are many hosting providing companies with different costs. We need to check the cost of every service with specifications which we required.

There are many hosting providers who are costing very high. Even we can’t buy the basic plan. Then we have to compare the price and buy them.

Customer Care Support

For whatever the service may be, Customer Care Service is most important to help us. There many hosting providers, most them are conveying us that, They are providing 24/7 Customer Care Support. We definitely need customer care support because we’ll face many kids of technical issues and errors from Hosting. That’s why we need to know about their customer services before buying from them.

Easy To Maintain or Manage

The problem mainly faced by new bloggers is, The hostings providing company wll give us control panel and user interface which is not understandable for new users. Then it will be very tough for them to manage right. So before buying only you have to know the complete information about the hosting and their cpanel and user interface. Then only the new bloggers can also understand those things easily.

Server Uptime

Do you know what is Server Uptime? Server Uptime means How much time is server connected with the internet. If our Server is connected 24hrs out of 24 Hrs in a day then the Uptime for that day will be 100%.

Do you know, how to calculate Uptime of your server for month? There are 24 hrs per day x 30 days per month. then 24 hrs x 30 days = 720 hours. If your Server will down for 10 hrs per month then 720-10=710. So you have to calculate (710/720)/100=98.61% Server Uptime.

If you want to know your server uptime or Website uptime, then there is a website Uptime robot to calculate your uptime speed.

Hosting Providing Websites

  1. SiteGround
  2. DreamHost
  3. BlueHost
  4. Godaddy

The above website are best hosting company providers.


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